"I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy." - Marie Curie; first woman to win a Nobel Prize, the only woman in history to ever win it twice, and the only human to ever win a Nobel Prize in two different sciences.
“Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.” – Brené Brown
Last Thursday, TWF submitted a response to the Hong Kong Government’s Public Consultation on the fourth report for the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).
Fashion chain Giordano faced a public backlash last week over an ad that is deemed to be sexist. In its “Team Family Series” advertisement, posted on social media, the husband wore a T-shirt that read “Work” while the wife had a T-shirt emblazoned with the word “Cook”.