Useful Links

American Women's Association of Hong Kong

A voluntary organisation of international women, supporting Hong Kong charities and schools through community service and monetary grants, while also providing educational and social activities for members.

Association for the Advancement of Feminism

The Association has been working since 1984 to eliminate discrimination against women, to fight for full opportunities in social participation and equality for both sexes.

Charitable Choice HK

Charitable Choice is Hong Kong's first Gift Card that benefits a wide range of local charities, providing a unique solution to gift giving whilst raising funds for those less fortunate in the community.

Equal Opportunities Commission

A Hong Kong statutory body committed to promoting diversity and equality, fostering an inclusive society in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.

Harmony House

Provides protection, caring and empowerment of women and children who are victims of domestic violence, counsels batterers in order to stop the cycle of violence, and provides public awareness to promote family harmony.