Girls Go Tech Programme

Empower deprived girls to create positive attitude shifts around technology

About the Programme

This year-long programme aims to inspire deprived junior secondary girls to view STEM subjects and careers as viable options through skills-based workshops, speaker events and company visits.

GGT School Programme

The year-long school-based programme provides deprived junior secondary girls with interactive coding workshops and on-going extra-curricular activities.

GGT Programme

The Programme supports the advancement of GGT participants and serves as a hub of STEM education for teachers and corporates to share experience and resource leverage.

Steering Committee

We are very grateful to have a terrific Steering Committee to guide the development and implementation of the Programme.


We are very fortunate that Girls Go Tech Programme has already attracted a lot of media coverage.

STEM Allies

This initiative aims to raise awareness in the community about the barriers girls face in pursuing STEM education and related careers.