Girls Go Tech Programme

Empower deprived girls to create positive attitude shifts around technology

About the Programme

The Programme supports the advancement of GGT participants and serves as a hub of STEM education for teachers and corporates to share experiences and leverage resources.


We are very grateful to our partners who are contributing their expertise and support for the Programme.

Programme Activities

The Programme allows GGT participants to further expand their skills and knowledge in coding or STEM-related initiatives on an online platform at their own pace, and experience first-hand the transformative power of technology in the community through real-life activities.

Steering Committee

We are very grateful to have a terrific Steering Committee to guide the development and implementation of the Programme.

Morgan Stanley X TWF Step into STEM Scholarship

The scholarship aims to help address the structural under-representation of women from underserved communities pursuing STEM-related degrees.


We are very fortunate that Girls Go Tech Programme has already attracted a lot of media coverage.

STEM Allies

This initiative aims to raise awareness in the community about the barriers girls face in pursuing STEM education and related careers.