T.E.E.N. Programme

Talent Empowerment, Equality & Networking for Underprivileged Teens

About the Programme

The 12-month Programme is designed for high need, high potential boys and girls aged 13 to 15, a critical life stage for the shaping of habits and personality traits, developing self-esteem and making decisions for the future


We are very grateful to our many partners who contribute subject matter expertise and other essential forms of support for the T.E.E.N. Programme

Steering Committee

We are fortunate to have a terrific Steering Committee to guide the development and implementation of the Programme

Programme Activities

The year-long Programme provides high need and high potential early teens with leadership and gender awareness training, and mentoring by undergraduate youth mentors


TEENs, Big Brothers & Sisters and our partners share the impact the Programme has had on the participants' personality, self-development, leadership and teamwork skills

TEEN Alumni

TEENs are invited to join the Alumni Network upon "graduating" from the Programme and continue their involvement with TWF and the alumni cohort throughout their secondary school years
The experience was simply invaluable! Whenever I feel like giving up, I remember my experience with the T.E.E.N. Programme and my commitment to, and expectations for, myself.
The programme activities from the summer camp and community project to the work shadowing opportunities enriched and transformed my life. My confidence has grown and I am more willing to embrace new challenges.
In this Programme, I learned many things that I could not learn in school. I feel more lighthearted and carefree as a result of my involvement.