Research Overview

Research, Collaborate, Change

At TWF, we believe that everything starts with research. We are passionate about independent, data-driven and evidence-based, collaboratively-produced research as a catalyst for change.  TWF started off as a research institute and research remains the cornerstone of everything we do. It informs our strategic decisions as to where we devote our time, energy and resources, and we hope that by making all our research freely available, it can be a resource for other watchdog groups and women's NGOs, the Government, academics and the media.  

TWF research spans:

  • Primary research and literature reviews
  • Key learnings and case studies from our various community programmes
  • Best practice guides

We are fortunate to count some of Hong Kong's most prestigious organisations and individuals among our research partners from Civic Exchange to the Hong Kong Council of Social Services to the Gender Research Centre at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and, from the corporate sector, from McKinsey to Linklaters.  

We are indebted to Goldman Sachs and GS Gives for their generous support for our research programme over the years. We are also very grateful to our knowledge partners like McKinsey and Linklaters who have generously contributed many hours of time and their subject matter expertise.

If you might be interested in supporting our research efforts going forward, we would love to hear from you! Please email Lisa Moore at