About Us

Annual Report 2022

The Women's Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in Hong Kong.

We aspire to conduct groundbreaking research, to run innovative and impactful community programmes and we engage in education and advocacy in the pursuit of three main goals:

Challenging gender stereotypes.
Empowering women in poverty to achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their families.
Growing the number of women in decision-making and leadership positions.

Our Vision

Our vision is a Hong Kong in which women and girls have the opportunity, support and resources to thrive and achieve their true potential

Our Mission

The Women’s Foundation exists to promote the full and equal participation of women and girls in all aspects of Hong Kong society, by engaging in research, programmes, education and advocacy to drive measurable change

Our Strategic Goals

To be a credible independent resource for expertise and objective research on women’s issues in Hong Kong

To create positive and measurable change for women’s economic self-reliance through the implementation of sustainable programmes and initiatives

To work with local NGOs, businesses, government, academics and media to identify areas for effective collaboration

To challenge gender stereotypes that are at the root cause of so many constraints that women face and impose on themselves

To increase institutional investment in, and the active implementation of, equal opportunities for women in the workplace

Our Efforts

We strive to empower girls with the skills and the confidence to achieve their full potential 

Women in Leadership
We work to increase the number of women in policy and decision-making roles

Women in Poverty
We create pathways for underprivileged women to be more financially literate and achieve economic security

Gender Stereotypes
We raise awareness on the root causes for gender stereotyping and unconscious bias 



Our History

The Women’s Foundation was established in 2004 after a group of like-minded women identified the need for an organisation that would provide a voice for women and girls in Hong Kong.
Their primary objective was to tackle the challenges and inequities that women and girls face across Hong Kong society; a greater likelihood of being poorer and lower paid, subject to domestic violence, subject to prejudice in many industries, and less likely to achieve senior positions in the workplace or in politics.

The Women’s Foundation was thus launched, modeled on the best such organisations around the world and based on the following key principles: action based on empirical research, dedicated and diverse supporters committed to change, and the support of the private sector for funding and institutional support to engineer change.
Today, The Women’s Foundation is the leading catalyst in Hong Kong for collaborative efforts to support women’s betterment in the community, identifying the issues, implementing solutions and striving for measurable change.