Only 19% lead stories written by women journalists

While women have a presence in journalism, men largely dominated the news agenda in authorship, number of mentions in the lead stories, and picture content. Just 22 per cent of front page bylines and 19 per cent of lead stories were written by women journalists.

Women occupy just 27% of top media jobs

According to International Women's Media Foundation, women occupy just 27 per cent of top management jobs and 29 per cent of middle management jobs worldwide.

70% of all women want to help other women succeed

Over 70 per cent of female mentors are helping other women succeed, effectively dispelling the “Queen Bee” myth that women tend to guard their intellectual assets from other women.

Women on boards has a 4% higher return on equity

Further findings from 2005 to 2011 revealed that companies with women on boards had a four per cent higher return on equity, four per cent higher average growth, and one third higher aggregate price-to-book value than companies with all-male boards.

Women ask for 30% less when they negotiate salaries and promotions

As a result from the lack of confidence, women are less likely than men to pursue future opportunities and apply for promotions and tend to ask for 30 per cent less when they negotiate.

Women fare significantly worse than men in the aging population

The elderly are a fast-growing group, and significant numbers of them are underskilled, underresourced, and are more likely to be living in poverty than any other age group. Women are significantly worse off than men in measures of education and earnings.