“The world needs women to redefine success beyond money and power. We need a third metric, based on our well-being, our health, our ability to unplug and recharge and renew ourselves, and to find joy in both our job and the rest of our life.” – Arianna Huffington, author, columnist, and businesswoman
“If there are no tech talents in Hong Kong, then let me be the talent!” - Akemi, Form Four student at Pope Paul VI College and first year GGT Programme participant
“If a woman is involved in tech, she doesn’t have to be as good as her male counterparts – a lot of times, she has to be better” – Cy Wise, games industry veteran.
“It was a defining moment, especially for young women, proving that a woman could work and have a baby in the highest and most challenging leadership positions” – Benazir Bhutto, late Pakistani Prime Minister (in reference to her own pregnancy while in office)