Curating Culture, Inspiring Change

In a few weeks’ time, we’ll be celebrating International Women's Day 2024 with women and gender equality champions across the globe under the theme of Inspiring Inclusion.

Inclusion is about ensuring that all voices are heard, valued, and able to influence decision-making processes and our society as a whole. From discrimination and sexual violence to economic participation and reproductive health taboos, it is clear there are many structural and systemic issues to address before women, girls and gender diverse individuals are able to be fully and equitably included in all aspects of society.

For inclusivity to be enabled on a wide scale, it must be firmly embedded in our values, behaviours and mindsets; it must become part of our cultural fabric. It’s precisely in this spirit that we have chosen Curating Culture, Inspiring Change as this year’s theme for our International Women’s Day Lunch. Culture is a core aspect of our identity, anchoring us within our community and influencing how we work, socialise and connect. It isn’t static, and the next phase of Hong Kong's cultural identity is already unfolding, with women and gender equality champions leading the way.

This is why we are thrilled to be featuring a panel discussion with individuals leading these cultural changes: Camille Cheng, Olympian swimmer and co-founder of Mind the Waves, Dr. Daisy Yiyou Wang, Deputy Director of the Hong Kong Palace Museum, and Septime Webre, Artistic Director of the Hong Kong Ballet, moderated by Isabel Berwick, Host and Editor, ‘Working It’ podcast and newsletter at the Financial Times. From sports to the arts, they will discuss how they have challenged stereotypes and their efforts in forming a new, gender inclusive blueprint, with an impact in Hong Kong and beyond our borders.

At TWF, we have long known the potential of culture to be a powerful tool for positive change. This is why our work involves building communities of inclusive gender equality champions who can inspire change wherever they are. Our Mentoring Programme and Male Allies communities are inclusively leading in their companies and in our community; our Young Allies are influencing the next generation of gender equality advocates; and our Girls Go Tech Programme participants are not just ensuring future STEM fields are more gender equal, they will be working to solve some of the most challenging issues of our time. With our collective efforts, we can make important cultural shifts so that as a society we uphold inclusive practices to enable voices of all genders to be heard and valued, and to ensure there are equitable opportunities, policies, and distribution of resources.

As we approach International Women’s Day, we extend an invitation for you to also play a part in this pivotal movement. Join us as we celebrate the stories of women and gender equality champions who are influencing cultural shifts, breaking barriers and using their voices to inspire change.

Here are ways you can get involved with IWD 2024:

1. Support Women in the Creative Industries: Women are often underrepresented in the creative industries and deserve our support. Seek out venues and studios led by women or those with significant female representation. Attend events and endorse their work to encourage gender diversity.

2.Amplify diverse voices: Promote women from different backgrounds and share their perspectives. You can join our social media campaign from March 1-8, sharing stories of women who embody #inspiringinclusion.

3. Engage in conversations with friends, family, and colleagues to challenge stereotypes and raise awareness. Join our International Women's Day Lunch to continue these important conversations and be part of the movement for gender equality. Email to secure your seat.

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