Work to do: Women in male-dominated industries in Hong Kong

This report, which was compiled for The Women’s Foundation by the Economist Intelligence Unit, examines the status of women in logistics & transport, luxury brands, technology, and trading & hedge funds, in Hong Kong.

Drawing on local and international market data and statistics, and interviews with leading industry figures, the report found that:

  • Women make up just 7% of the workforce in the Logistics & Transport sector in Hong Kong
  • There are fewer women holding senior management roles in luxury brand companies in Hong Kong relative to the global average
  • 53% of the 57 companies surveyed have fewer than 10% women in their IT departments
  • Women traders account for just 16% of the staff of the nine dealing rooms surveyed and just 4% of hedge funds in Hong Kong have a woman fund manager

On the bright side, companies are taking steps to level the playing field for women in these traditionally male-dominated sectors:

  • More companies are focusing on the crucial issue of how to support women through the child-bearing years, introducing measures such as flexible working practices and extended maternity leave
  • Increasingly, companies are realising that to be effective in helping women they must help men to understand why it is important to attract and retain more women, and to have male champions for change 
  • The issue of quotas and targets remains controversial but an increasing number of companies are introducing targets which help to create a sense of urgency and measurable goals
  • One unresolved issue is how women can network in these male-dominated industries, where important relationships are often formed through male-centric activities. More companies are creating opportunities for women to network in an environment in which they feel more comfortable
  • Mentorship and senior sponsorship are viewed as critical to the advancement of women through middle management into leadership positions given that self-promotion does not come naturally to many women – particularly Asian women

Work to do: Women in male-dominated industries in Hong Kong