The Women's Foundation Response to the 2022 Policy Address Public Consultation

In September 2022, TWF submitted a response to the Policy Address Public Consultation, which includes a comprehensive set of recommendations to the Government to address gender inequality for the long term. Our recommendations focused on seven areas:

- Holistic approach needed to boost female workforce participation 
- Increased support for women in poverty
- Greater protections and preventative measures around all forms of sexual and domestic violence 
- Stronger, targeted protections for vulnerable groups of women and girls 
- Tackling gender stereotypes in all spheres across the city 
- Increase the availability and accessibility of gender disaggregated data 
- Incorporating gender sensitivity into COVID-19 recovery plans 

Given the breadth and scale of the above issues, we urge the Government to include issues of gender inequality on the Executive Council agenda or in the creation of a taskforce of individuals who can support in the inclusion and implementation of solutions for these challenges.  


Full Submission