The Women's Foundation Response to the 2021-22 Budget Public Consultation

In January 2021, The Women's Foundation submitted a response to the 2021-22 Budget Public Consultation with the recommendation to increase funding in areas that are critical to address the immediate and longer term challenges and inequalities that women and girls face, and benefit Hong Kong as a whole, including our economy.

Our recommendations focused on seven areas:

  • Providing COVID-19 sensitive solutions for domestic violence victims
  • Addressing sexual violence
  • Greater support for women in poverty
  • Strengthening eldercare services and caregiver support
  • Increasing female workforce participation
  • Tackling gender stereotypes
  • Conducting city-wide research and improving data          

As we begin economic recovery efforts and strengthen our position as a world-class city, it is more vital than ever that gender equality, diversity, and the needs of our most vulnerable are kept in mind to both address inequalities and support the economic growth of our city.