Workshop #1

In September 2013, The Women’s Foundation hosted the first of two workshops as part of an exciting new TWF initiative focused on ‘Expanding the Horizons: Women’s Networks in Hong Kong & Beyond.

During the workshop, TWF and McKinsey presented findings from McKinsey's research "Women Matter: An Asian Perspective" and outlined the elements of an organisational framework to support gender diversity, including the role of women’s networks. The audience also heard from representatives from seven leading organisations that are modelling local and international best practice.

 Workshop #2

In October 2013, The Women’s Foundation hosted the second of the two workshops.  TWF and McKinsey outlined the five ‘markers’ of successful women’s networks based on their research and interviews conducted with participating organisations:

Objectives: Focused set of objectives for the network that will have impact in advancing women in leadership positions in the organisation
Stakeholders: Clear understanding of the network’s target audience and importantly the broader set of stakeholders that the network needs to manage
Activities: Carefully selected activities the network will run that are linked to objectives and are of benefits to target audience
Operations: Set-up and run ‘like a business’ with appropriate governance, succession planning, collaboration with HR, strategic planning, targets and accountability
Brand: Proactive management of the brand equity and effective communications about the women’s network

The audience also heard from leading organisations that are modelling international best practice. 

The Women’s Foundation would like to thank warmly McKinsey, all the participating organisations and Latham & Watkins for generously hosting both workshops.

Women's Networks

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