Programme Participants

"The most significant thing I learned from the T.E.E.N. Programme is to be thankful! I am very grateful that there were many amazing teammates and Big Brothers & Sisters to go through this journey with me. I was once very upset because I had encountered unhappy moments and difficulties when we worked on our community project but I was glad that we didn't give up. We spent time communicating and understanding each other's ideas and we finally completed our project with brilliant results! We now no longer try to escape from our problems but instead face them with courage. My utmost gratitude goes to those who encouraged and helped me along the way. Looking back now, I am thankful that I experienced both ups and downs. I know we cannot take things for granted and it is important to have a thankful heart and treasure each and every opportunity we have." 

Tracy, Participant (2013-14), Alumni Committee Member (2014-15, 2017-18) & Big Sister (2018-19)


"I have changed a lot since joining the Programme. Before, I didn’t think things through carefully but now I have become more considerate and thoughtful. I was shy with strangers but now realise that talking to strangers is not that difficult. Through the Programme, I have made lots of new friends from different schools. I am so glad to have made such a huge breakthrough over the course of the year." 

Helen, Participant (2012-13) & Alumni Committee Member (2013-15)


"Since I joined the T.E.E.N. Programme two years ago, my approach to life has changed a lot. Instead of spending time surfing the internet, I enjoy going out and meeting a lot of people from all walks of life. I helped the T.E.E.N. Alumni Committee to plan a lot of activities like collecting leftovers and distributing them to street sleepers and selling recycled items at the Dawn Market in Sham Shui Po. The Programme has exposed us to different valuable and meaningful experiences. Now, I understand that if I believe I can, then I can."

Dory, Participant (2011-12), Alumni Committee Member (2012-15, 2017-18) & Big Sister (2016-17)


"Joining the Programme was a turning point in my life. The learning opportunities at the T.E.E.N. Programme are different from those I was given at school. I especially treasure the work experience at CLSA. The key learnings from the Programme to me are that I need to be a responsible person and take charge of making my own opportunities."

Jasmine, Participant (2010-11), Alumni Committee Member (2012-13) & Big Sister (2015-16)


Big Brothers & Sisters 

"I had never committed to anything so time-intensive prior to the T.E.E.N. Programme. It was a great challenge for me since I used to give up half way during most tasks but it turned out that I helped myself by helping others in the T.E.E.N. Programme. It was definitely a good opportunity to develop perseverance. Honestly, there were times I wanted to give up and escape from the responsibility of being a Big Sister in the Programme. But then I remembered my commitment to the Programme and I didn’t let myself quit. I have gained so much from the different learning opportunities provided by The Women’s Foundation." 

Stephanie, Big Sister (2013-14)


"I was deeply impressed throughout the whole of the Programme. Actually I did not have much experience in motivating or leading teenagers. I learned step by step through careful practice. I gained much more confidence in my own abilities, particularly my organisational and coordinating skills. At the beginning of the Programme, my goal was to facilitate the TEENs’ learning and help them overcome the difficulties, but now I think that perhaps I am the one who learned the most."

LamLam, Big Sister (2012-13)


School Partners

"Over the years, The Women’s Foundation has organised various types of activities for our students. Apart from broadening the students’ horizons and enriching their school life, the activities have also encouraged them to establish personal goals by helping them to better understand themselves and realise their potential. I am deeply moved by witnessing the remarkable improvement of these students, many of who lacked self-confidence."
~ Ms Fong Ting Lai, Vice Principal of Kwai Chung Methodist College


Corporate Partner

"Finding the right partner to work with is very important, given that we do want to be actively involved and engaged with them. The T.E.E.N. Programme resonated with us in terms of giving something back, focusing on children and the less privileged. In Hong Kong, we can live a very sterile Hong Kong island life, which a lot of us do, and we think ‘What poverty?’ The Programme has helped us understand what some of the poverty issues are. There wasn’t a specific, definable outcome that we were looking for, but what surprised us, was how much the CLSA staff got out of the Programme through one-on-one counselling, work-shadowing, mentoring the Big Brothers & Sisters, volunteering for English teaching etc.. The central principle of the Chairman’s Trust is the idea that we’re contributing to something in a productive way that helps improve a situation. This Programme definitely does that."
~ Ms Zoe Henham, Head of Human Resources, CLSA

T.E.E.N. Programme

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