TEEN Alumni

To ensure the long term impact of the Programme and as a continuation of the T.E.E.N. Programme, TWF is committed to providing the ‘graduates’ from the Programme with training and activities throughout their secondary school years. The TEEN Alumni Programme provides additional leadership and gender awareness training to our graduating TEENs, to continue to support and encourage them to become inspiring future leaders. 


Alumni Activities 2017/2018

  • Youth Global Leaders 2017 (sponsored by TWF & The Children's Museum Hong Kong)
  • TEEN Alumni Summer Camp
  • Lush Party
  • Reflective Path
  • Powered by Youth Forum 2017&18
  • Alumni English Mentoring Programme
  • Movie Screening – “Our Days in 6E”
  • Alumni Committee Inaugural Meeting cum Training Workshop
  • Christmas Party
  • Visit Christian Zheng Sheng College
  • Dessert Making Workshop
  • 3D Game Design and Coding Workshop
  • Paper Crafting Workshop
  • Personal Styling Workshop cum Inspiring Sharing by Grace Lam
  • Volunteer at Homeless Dog Shelter

Alumni Activities 2016/2017

  • Youth Global Leaders 2016 (sponsored by TWF & The Children's Museum Hong Kong)
  • TEEN Alumni Summer Camp
  • Exploration Trip to Tai-O
  • Concert in the Dark 2016
  • Glass Making Workshop
  • Mahler "Titan" Symphony Concert
  • HKGNA/Festive Korea 2016 Gala Concert
  • Powered by Youth Forum 2016
  • Christmas Party
  • HK Art Festival - Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal
  • "Melodia" Theatrical Experience
  • DIY Natural Products Workshop
  • Alumni English Mentoring Programme
  • US Naval Tour and Roundtable



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