TEEN Alumni

To ensure the long term impact of the Programme and as a continuation of the T.E.E.N. Programme, TWF is committed to providing the ‘graduates’ from the Programme with training and activities throughout their secondary school years. The TEEN Alumni Programme provides additional leadership and gender awareness training to our graduating TEENs, to continue to support and encourage them to become inspiring future leaders. 


Alumni Activities 


TEEN for Good

The TEENforGood Initiative, funded by Manulife, was launched in May 2022 to support the learning needs of unprivileged secondary school students (primarily junior forms) who have been impacted by the pandemic, as well as their families, particularly women who have taken on extra burden of supporting their children with home school learning. TEEN alumni who are ‘graduates’ of TWF’s T.E.E.N. Programme and currently university students (or fresh graduates), are hired to serve as the online tutors of this Initiative to ease their financial burden.

T.E.E.N. Programme

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