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TWF’s Financial Literacy Programme for marginalised women was launched in 2011. This was followed by our Employability Training Programme which launched in 2014.  In addition to financial literacy training, the Employability Training Programme further equips participants with employability and life skills.  Drawing on a holistic, high touch and personalised approach to empowerment, our aim is to encourage participants to achieve greater economic independence and a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

Please click here for press coverage of our efforts to empower marginalised women.

The marginalised communities we have helped through the Programmes include CSSA recipients, domestic violence victims, ethnic minorities, migrant women, new arrivals from the Mainland, single mothers, and women with disabilities. Our evaluation research partner, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, has done an evaluation research for the completed Financial Literacy Programme, and also an interim evaluation for the new Employability Training Programme.

For the Financial Literacy programme, the study found that the majority of participants rated the Programme positively. The quantitative analysis showed that there were substantial improvements in the participants’ sense of self-efficacy and ability of providing education for their children, while the qualitative results indicated that the participants have gained more than just knowledge but also an inside-out transformation. To learn more about the evaluation findings, please click here.

Regarding the new Employability Training Programme, the interim evaluation found that there were significant changes in terms of participants’ self-efficacy, employment hope, self-evaluation of parenting experience (general parenting and financial education to children), and perceived social support.  Participants were also found with enhanced job seeking motivation and becoming more confident in job interviews, and they were more capable of setting clear goals and finding ways to achieve them.

The Programme has been selected for an Outstanding Project Award under the "Award Scheme in Promoting Women's Economic Empowerment" co-organised by the Women's Commission and the Labour and Welfare Bureau.

TWF received the Outstanding Project Award under the "Award Scheme in Promoting Women's Economic Empowerment" from the Women's Commission on February 21, 2017





Financial Literacy & Employability Training Programme

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