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Carla Bugo

Senior Officer, Community Programmes

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Carla joined as Senior Programme Officer, Community Programmes in August 2023, bringing her extensive expertise to the forefront. In this capacity, she diligently coordinates a diverse range of community initiatives, with a particular focus on the Girls Go Tech programme. This transformative initiative aims to empower women in the STEM field and remove barriers to their success.   

Prior to her role, Carla had a remarkable professional journey spanning various sectors, including law, finance, and traditional Chinese medical treatment, in both Hong Kong and Shanghai. Additionally, with over a decade of volunteer experience in the non-profit sector, Carla is a dedicated committee member of a reputable NGO and devotes her free time to serving the underserved and elderly. Her unwavering commitment to uplifting marginalised communities, promoting women empowerment, and providing assistance to those in need has shaped her into a compassionate and devoted professional.