TWF 20th Anniversary Gender Equality Summit: Evolution Through Exchange

Connect Hall, HKEX
2.00 - 7.30pm
Friday, September 13, 2024
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Registration Deadline: 12th Sep 2024

From the climate crisis and ageing demographics to technological advancements and economic volatility, change is happening at an accelerated pace. Gender equality is at the heart of addressing these challenges and creating an inclusive future.

How can we take an active role in shaping the impact of these developments? And how do we ensure the full spectrum of voices are being included in how we evolve as a society?

Join us for our 20th Anniversary Gender Equality Summit on September 13, supported by Lead Sponsor Bloomberg, as we exchange ideas, ask challenging questions, and take meaningful action to co-create a Hong Kong where everyone thrives. More details and ticketing coming soon!

In the meanwhile, we invite you to join us as a sponsor and explore how your company can help lead the conversation on gender equality in alignment with your company's CSR and DEI initiatives and goals.

Our programme of events includes plenty of opportunities for meaningful collaboration:

• Fireside chats

• Panel discussions

• Interactive elements such as thematic breakout sessions

• Networking sessions

Please contact for exciting 20th anniversary sponsorship opportunities at the most important gender equality exchange of the year.