Evaluation Study of TWF's Employability Training Programme for Marginalised Women 2018

This report by ZHOU Huiquan, Mary (Principal Investigator) and YAU NG Lai Tuen, Monica (Co-Investigator), from the Department of Social Work at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, shows that the programme had a significant positive impact on the lives of participants. The evaluation employed a mixed-methods design, using quantitative methods to assess the effectiveness of the programme at the individual, family and community levels, while using qualitative methods to understand the perceptions and experiences of the participants in the programme, as well as to explore the factors conducive to the success of the programme. The long-term influences of the programme, its applicability to other marginalized groups, and sustainability were also investigated using qualitative methods. Together, the findings shed light on the underlying causes of the feminisation of poverty and should stimulate the development of a strategy for dealing with this growing problem.