International Women’s Day Lunch – Join Us!

The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong
11:45 am
Friday, March 3, 2023
Registration Deadline: 2nd Mar 2023

Sponsored by Associate Sponsor, Citi, this year's Lunch will focus on the theme ‘The Outliers | Groundbreaking Women’. Outliers celebrate success stories of women who have cultivated legacies in male dominated spaces, and show the possibility for others to forge their own paths in spaces where no one has imagined them. Women and non-binary individuals have always been outliers, existing on the margins of systems, structures and institutions that were not constructed with them in mind. We all need to work together to rethink and rebuild these workplaces and industries to be inclusive and accessible to all.

We are pleased to feature a panel discussion including speakers Lily Cheng, Hubel Labs Founder & Public Board Director and Gigi Chao, Cheuk Nang Holdings Vice Chair & LGBTIQ advocate; moderated by Damien Mooney, Managing Director, BlackRock, as well as heart-warming stories from programme participants.

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