Student Testimonials

“I started to like STEM when I was in Form 2, but I thought there were usually more boys and fewer girls on the team, which made me feel a little embarrassed at the time. But since joining the GGT Programme, I was happy to learn that many girls actually like STEM and I could find a group of like-minded friends. Besides joining workshops that enriched my IT knowledge and skills, I had an opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant in a coding workshop. I am very happy to find that I was able to share what I have learned with other participants, and I plan to study ICT in university.”

~He Zixuan (2020) from SKH All Saints Middle School


“The GGT Programme has changed me. I discovered my interest in STEM when I joined the Programme in Form 2. Because of this, I chose to study ICT as an elective when I was in Form 3. Studying ICT and participating in activities related to technology have made me interested in programming and related technology fields. The preliminary subject choices for my university are Computer Science and Engineering.”

~Chen Kit Kit (2016 – 2017) from Holy Trinity College


“I felt really happy and a huge sense of achievement when I finished creating a game and blog of my own as part of GGT. The interactive teaching approach was very different from what I'm used to at school.  When I got stuck, the instructor encouraged me to search for solutions on the internet, rather than just giving me the answer. 

I also had the opportunity to talk to many IT professionals who opened my eyes to the wide range of possible career paths in tech. After being part of GGT, my interest in computers and coding is even stronger than before and my goal is to become a game designer one day.  It's great to have a goal I can work towards. Thank you to TWF for helping me to find the start of my rainbow.”

~Antonia, Participant (2015 – 2016) from Pope Paul VI College


“My mother and teachers hold a rather traditional view of gender roles, believing that girls are better at arts subjects or should choose care-taking jobs. However, I do not agree with them and my belief has been reinforced after joining the Girls Go Tech Programme. I am more confident in challenging gender stereotypes relating to career choices.  

I am happy to share my experience and knowledge of coding. When an out-of-school art club I belong to needed to create a new website, I was very proud to be able to help with my newly found knowledge in coding. This also makes me realise that coding is widely applicable in daily life.”

~Alisa, Participant (2015 – 2016) from Holy Trinity College


School Testimonials


“Through Girls Go Tech’s free activities like creating LED wearable tech projects, building and managing plantbots, and visiting multinational corporations, not only do students learn coding and hardware skills, but they also exercise problem solving skills, logical thinking and communication skills. GGT has widened students’ horizons, with many students having shown greater interest in technology and its related career pathways, as well as higher levels of confidence.”

~Appreciation from Carmel Alison Lam Foundation Secondary School

「『Girls Go Tech 計劃』透過LED燈創作項目,智慧植物工作坊及參觀國際科技企業等免費活動,不但教育學生編寫電腦程式及運用電子硬件的技巧,更訓練她們解難、邏輯推理及溝通能力。學生無論在對科技的興趣、行業前景及自信心上都得到提升,擴闊她們的眼界。」 





“Equally, Girls Go Tech Programme has developed teachers’ knowhow in the application of technology. Our staff had the pleasure of visiting Hong Kong Telecommunications. During the visit, we were inspired by many teaching tips.  For example, to introduce 3D printing technology in manufacturing of food in the Technology and Living subject; the possibilities of making use of VR technology for subjects such as Biology, Geography and History.  All these have promoted the professional development of our teachers in curriculum and teaching.”

~Appreciation from Christ College 


「 「Girls Go Tech計劃」同樣拓展了教師在科技運用範疇方面的知釋。本校同工有幸參觀「香港電訊」公司,過程中得到不少教學點子的啟發, 例如: 生活與科技科嘗試在食物製作中引入3D打印技術; 生物 ˴ 地理及歷史科運用VR技術學習的可行性等, 促進了本校教師在課程及教學的專業發展。」



“While the Education sector has just begun to develop STEM EDUCATION, the topic of gender bias has not yet been fully paid attention to. Your organization took the initiative to raise funds for the welfares of children, to promote girls STEM activities for free. Through activities such as soldering and coding, students were assisted to build technical products which they could hardly imagine before. The brand new fashion show session was conducted to enhance students’ problem solving abilities, and students were encouraged to use English to present which has enhanced the girls’ self-confidence. “

~ Appreciation from Christ College 


「在教育界開展科技教育(STEM EDUCATION)當兒 ˒ 尚未及關注性別偏見的課題 ˒ 但  貴會卻能為孩子的福祉籌募經費 ˒ 免費推動女子科技教育活動 。透過焊接及編程技術 ˒ 協助同學製作自己從未想像的科技成果 ˒ 以新穎的時裝表演環節提升學生解難能力 ˒ 並鼓勵學生勇敢嘗試以英語旁白 ˒ 提升女生自信。」




“Through organising free activities like creating LED wearable products, Plantbot workshops and visiting MTR’s Operations Control Centre in Tsing Yi, students acquired the skills of coding and managing electronic hardware. These activities also enhanced students’ communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. After taking part in the Girls Go Tech Programme, students gained greater interest and understanding of technology and tech-related industries, and increased their confidence.”

~Appreciation from The Hong Kong Management Association K S Lo College






“Our junior secondary students have benefited hugely from the Girls Go Tech Programme over the past two years. An overwhelming majority of participants found the workshops interactive and interesting, and the projects challenging yet inspiring. TWF’s thoughtful arrangement of visiting multinational corporations has also enhanced students’ English communication skills and awareness of career planning. We all agree that these activities have increased students’ confidence and resilience.”

~Appreciation from Pope Paul VI College 


「過去兩年,Girls Go Tech計劃令本校初中女同學得益匪淺。大部分學生均表示課堂導師教學生動有趣,設計極具挑戰性及啟發性,加上婦女基金會同事精心籌辦多次跨國科技企業參觀活動,提升了學生英語溝通能力及職業認知。本校相關老師皆一致認同這些活動能提升她們的自信及勇於接受挑戰的才能。」



“During the Programme activities, we deeply appreciate TWF’s staff, volunteers and instructors’ support to students. They encouraged students not to give up, guided them to solve problems on their own, and shared students’ learning outcomes together with them.”

~Appreciation from Tack Ching Girls’ Secondary School 


「在推行活動的過程中,本校老師深感 貴會成員和義工導師對學生的支持和重視,他們不斷鼓勵學生勇於嘗試、引導學生自己解決問題,並陪伴學生分享學習成果。」




“From the teachers’ observations, students who did not perform well at the beginning of the Programme showed remarkable progress in  designing LED products by the end. This programme has inspired them to consider incorporating STEM into their future career plans.  Students really benefitted a lot from this Programme.

Separately, many school teachers do not have an adequate understanding of STEM, which results in  STEM being marginalised in girls’ schools.  The Programme enables teachers and students to learn more about STEM and how to promote STEM, and gives girls  the skillset to produce STEM products. This was impossible to imagine a year ago.”

~Appreciation from Hong Kong True Light College


「從老師們的觀察,部份參加工作坊的學生由最初做不好,到最後投入地設計電子燈帶作品,更明白到這個計劃的重要性, 從而令她們思考STEM會否是她們將來的發展,學生們實在獲益良多。






“Through the workshops, students acquired new knowledge including coding, machine operations, automatic system, etc. The sessions also used a “hands-on”, “co-operative” and “sharing outcomes” approach which  greatly increased their abilities to handle information technology, to co-operate and co-ordinate and to present. Additionally, through visits to global enterprises, not only did the students experience the work environment in person, but also they engaged in conversations with the staff which widened their horizons and inspired their future plans.”

~Appreciation from United Christian College





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