TWF Research


CEDAW Submission to the LWB

The Women's Foundation submitted a response to the Labour & Welfare Bureau's Public Consultation to the United Nations Committee on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). This response will be reviewed by the Government and recommendations will be taken under consideration for integration in the official report to be submitted in Fall 2018.

Summary of TWF's Submission on HKEX Review of the Corporate Governance Code and Related Listing Rules

HKEX has issued a Consultation Paper on the Review of the Corporate Governance Code including Board Diversity. While we appreciate HKEX taking this important next step for reform by issuing a market Consultation, we believe the Consultation Proposal does not go far enough in terms of gender diversity.

Girls and STEM Education in Hong Kong

A study on factors influencing adolescent girls’ choice of STEM subjects and offers suggestions for greater gender balance in STEM subject enrollments at school and university.

Gender Education on the Film "She Objects"

A study aiming to better understand the influence of social media and mass media on the perception of gender roles and stereotypes among secondary students in Hong Kong.

Gender Stereotypes in the Hong Kong Media: A Scoping Study

A report conducted by TWF and supported by the Equal Opportunities Commission that explores gender stereotypes in the Hong Kong media.

DLR Submission

TWF's submission to the EOC's Discrimination Law Review.