Women in the Labor Force in Hong Kong

A detailed compilation of gender statistics in Hong Kong reveals the status of women in laborforce participation, educational achievement, political participation, and personal life.

For example:

  • Women make up a majority – 53.5 per cent – of over seven million residents in Hong Kong. In 2011, about half of female residents participated in the labor force compared to 71.9 per cent of the male residents 
  • In 2012, women made up 57 of the 634 board directorships on Hong Kong’s top companies, and 41.7 per cent of these companies had no female directors..
  • In 2008, 11 out of 60 Hong Kong Legislative Council members and none of the 21 judges on the Court of Final Appeal are women.
  • Almost a third of female residents have never married, compared to three tenths of men.