TWF Response to HKLRC's "Miscellaneous Sexual Offences"

On August 15, The Women's Foundation submitted a response to the Hong Kong Law Commission Reform's Public Consultation on "Miscellaneous Sexual Offences". This response will be reviewed by the Government and recommendations will be taken under consideration for integration in the Consultation's Conclusions. There are four areas of the consultation we are responding to: the first is around voyeurism and the following three are in broadening the language around existing sexual assault, trespassing and gross indecency laws to maintain gender neutrality. 

Please note, while this response overviews several areas of the consultation paper of particular interest, the primary focus of our response is to urge the HKLRC to submit its 2012 and 2016 recommendations to the Government. These papers contain critical recommendations including definitions around consent and rape, gender neutrality, avoidance of distinctions based on sexual orientation, and the protective principle for particularly vulnerable groups. 


TWF Response to the HKLRC 2018