Providing Skills That Allow Youth to Flourish


The Women's Foundation's Life Skills Programme is a paradigm-shifting developmental experience for Form 3 and 4 students that provides them with the confidence and skills to allow them to flourish.

The Programme's unique tripartite model focuses on effecting change not only amony students, but also teachers and parents, drawing on local empirical research in positive education.  The Programme's locally relevant, evidence-based pedagogical approaches and behavioural interventions have been rigorously evaluated by independent evaluators for their effectiveness.  The results of their impact assessment show that students, parents and teachers appreciate the Programme's holistic approach, which focuses on cultivating positive relationships, bringing classroom lessons to life and engaging the support of the community-at-large to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Programme's impact.

Which follows is a description of the Programme, its philosophy and characteristics, an account of its impact on its participants (students, parents and teachers), as well as some key observations on the obstacles that students face in taking responsibility for and exerting leadership in their own lives.