Lessons from the Leading Edge of Gender Diversity

McKinsey conducted interviews with senior leaders at 22 U.S. companies that shed light on key priorities for company leaders committed to gender-diversity.

Findings include:

  • In order to diversify their talent pool, CEOs and senior executives not only embrace the logical and economic benefits of gender-diversity, but also visibly and verbally express their personal values of respect and evening the playing field. Real stories relayed by top leaders foster commitment to these value sets that aligns with gender diversity.
  • Leadership needs to promote value sets that change the way employees interact and work with one another on an everyday basis.
  • Companies that have success in gender diversification do not simply focus on women; diversity simply falls within the values lived everyday by leadership on down. Progress in gender diversity additionally requires systematic implementation of talent development, succession planning, and measuring results to reinforce progress.
  • Successful company leaders have also encouraged female and male board members to establish relationships with talented women leaders and serve as their role models.