Giving credit where it is due- how closing the credit gap for women-owned SMEs can drive global growth

A large body of economic research has shown that investment in females creates one of the highest returns-on-investment in the developing world. Bringing women into the labour force and nurturing women-owned small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can boost a country’s GDP growth trends by 0.8 per cent every year and increase incomes per capita by over 10 per cent. Since women are more likely than men to spend their earnings, investing in SMEs has double the financial incentive.

This study:

  • Investigates the economic and societal role of women-owned SMEs and assessing the benefits of bringing more women into the workforce
  • Identifies several women-specific approaches such as targeting policy bias, gender-based inaccessibility of finance and credit, and female lack of business training
  • Put forward suggestion to address both the supply and demand barriers of establishing and growing women-owned SMEs