Exploring the Masculinities of Young Men in Hong Kong

In June 2021, The Women's Foundation published the first of its kind research to understand the pressures young men face on their path to masculine success and how they perceive gender roles, women’s rising status and attitudes towards changing gender relations in Hong Kong.

Commissioned researchers, Dr Anita Chan from The Education University of Hong Kong and Dr Adam Cheung from the Hong Kong Baptist University, conducted a study based on the views of 1,768 male university students from 11 universities. The study was conducted through a series of self-administered surveys, supplemented by focus group interviews with 48 participants.

The results show that over 75% of the men surveyed have conservative views towards gender roles and negative perceptions of changing gender relations to varying degrees. Although many young men self-identify with traditionally feminine traits and support gender equality as a concept, they still hold many double standards when it comes to women including their domesticity, appearance, sexual autonomy and career ambitions.

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