Exploratory Study on Gender Stereotyping and Its Impacts on Male Gender

In the new economic and social environment, men and women are struggling to reconcile traditional gender norms with evolving gender relationships. This study suggests that most men view paid employment as the largest component of their male identity. It is important to contemporary men not only to feel economically successful compared to other men and earn enough to support their families, but also to earn more in comparison with their female partner. Men see the increase of women in their pay range as a direct competition for power and status, two fundamental qualities that define the ideological male. Men view their partners as collaborators in the home, but feel increasingly stressed in striving to fulfill financial and traditional gender norms. Recommendations include educating and socializing students to explore detrimental effects of traditional gender norms, working with media agents to reduce the propagation of gender stereotypes, and implementing government and company policies to reduce current gender differences