Engaging Men as Gender Equality Allies: Understanding the Barriers and Taking Action

In April 2021, The Women's Foundation published a survey on attitudes towards gender equality, in partnership with IPSOS

Based on a bilingual 500 person survey among working adults in Hong Kong, the findings primarily focus on the male perspective as men comprise the majority representatives of senior roles across the city and without their support, significant progress toward ending gender inequality is unlikely. 

The findings challenge some widely held assumptions and point to priorities for action. The good news is that the majority of male and female respondents believe in the basic tenets of gender equality and in having equal opportunities at work. ​Many men recognise their key role in progressing gender equality and are taking steps to change the status quo.

Unfortunately, there remains a significant number of men not taking concrete action towards gender equality, for four main reasons: indifferent attitudes towards gender equality, the belief that gender equality is not relevant to them​, a zero-sum mentality, and concern that the quality of their family life will suffer if gender equality is achieved. The findings also revealed that many women’s perceptions align with men, potentially reinforcing barriers to taking action for gender equality.

Read the full survey to learn more about the barriers and recommended actions.


Key Survey Findings