Boardroom Series for Women Leaders

Hong Kong is a major financial centre with an abundant talent pool of highly qualified women, yet women are still underrepresented in boardrooms, with the latest figure of women on HSI company boards still at 14.3%. 

TWF & 30% Club HK Boardroom Series for Women Leaders aims to:

  • build the pipeline of highly qualified women for boards and C-suite
  • expose them to the realities of being a board director earlier on in their career
  • connect highly qualified women to the right people and positions
  • develop the skills necessary for the transition to the C-suite and boardroom


  • develop board-specific skills and build your portfolio
  • engage in simulated board discussions with Board Chairs, members and nominating committees
  • discover alternative pathways to company boards
  • network with industry leaders, executive search firm representatives and other highly qualified women
  • be recognised as a senior leader in your organisation and community 


Exclusively for Women to Watch and Corporate Partner nominees, the fourth cycle of the Boardroom Series runs from September 2021 to June 2022.

Who is organising?

The series is hosted by the 30% Club Hong Kong and The Women's Foundation, kindly sponsored by the Lead Sponsor - Standard Chartered Bank, and Contributing Sponsors - Baker McKenzie and KPMG.

Workshops are delivered by leading boardroom programme experts including facilitators from the Financial Times NED programme, Meraki Executive Search & Consulting and Herbert Smith Freehills.

What does it include?

1. ALTERNATIVE PATHS TO THE BOARD  (In-person - November, 31, 2020)

Objectives: Showcase the value and opportunities that alternative boards offer (e.g. school, start-up, advisory, NGO, chamber or government board); as well as challenges and rewards that come with the position. 

Format: A panel discussion highlighting experiences on different types of boards followed by small group discussions with board directors to learn how to find the right board, build your portfolio and understand the full scope and value of being a board member. 

Audience: Women to Watch, Corporate Partner nominees

2. PEER CIRCLE - SUSTAINABILITY & ESG (Virtual - January 11, 2022)

Objectives: The Peer Circles format aims to highlight key trends and future skills required for the boardroom drawing on the talent from within our Boardroom Series community. This session focused on the role of Sustainability and ESG in the boardroom, led by one of our Woman to Watch and field expert, Anne Copeland

Format: Virtual presentation by Anne followed by Q&A and breakout group discussions.

Audience: Women to Watch, Corporate Partner nominees

3. MEET THE DIRECTOR - MAY TAN (Virtual - January 27, 2022)

Objectives: Connect a target group of Women to Watch and senior women leaders with Company Board Directors to further bridge gaps and expand networks.

Format: A fireside chat with May Tan, a seasoned Non-Executive Director on corporate and non-profits boards, for an open conversation about being a board director in Hong Kong. We will discuss her journey to the boardroom, what aspiring directors should be aware of, the differences between certain boards, whether NGOs or listed companies, boardroom dynamics, and more.

Audience: Women to Watch, Corporate Partners nominees

4. BOARDROOM SERIES Workshops (Virtual, February - April 2022)

Workshop A: Legal Duties and DEI Trends for Boards Directors - Led by Herbert Smith Freehills (February 24, 12:30 - 2:00pm)

Workshop B: Let’s talk Interviews, Prep, Your CV, and Your Social Media brand - Led by Meraki Executive Search & Consulting Limited (April 7, 5:00 - 6:00pm)

Workshop Cto be confirmed (May 19) 

Objectives: To provide skills and tools to secure a board position; to be an effectively director; and to understand the responsibilities.

Format: The interactive workshops will be delivered by three Knowledge Partners: Herbert Smith Freehills. Meraki Executive Serach & Consulting Limited, and tbc.

Audience: Women to Watch, Corporate Partners nominees

5. PEER CIRCLE - INFLUENCING (Virtual - March 17, 2022)

Objectives: The Peer Circles format aims to highlight key trends and future skills required for the boardroom drawing on the talent from within our Boardroom Series community. This session focused on how to influence in the boardroom. [more details to come]

Format: Virtual

Audience: Women to Watch, Corporate Partners nominees

6. THE BOARDROOM LUNCH (June 17, 2022)

Objectives: Bringing together accomplished and highly qualified women directors with board chairs and board members of Hong Kong’s leading companies

Format: Simulation of boardroom discussion, guests engage over lunch in a structured exchange of views on the hot topics facing boards today. Each sponsoring organisation can invite five corporate representatives from their Board or C-Suite and select one of the four to facilitate the table discussion. The table will also comprise four Women to Watch, selected by The Women’s Foundation and one representative from an executive search firm or 30% Club VIP.

Sponsorship opportunites are available for this flagship annual Boardroom Lunch event. For more information, please contact

Audience: Women to Watch, Senior Executives and Board Members from Hong Kong’s leading and local companies, Executive Search Firms