30% Club Boardroom Lunch

Our flagship 30% Club Annual Boardroom Lunch brings accomplished and aspiring women directors face to face with board and C-suite members from leading local and international companies and their advisors for simulated boardroom discussions on key issues facing boards today. This flagship event aims to breakdown some of the closed circle networks which are often used to fill board appointments and provide an opportunity for women to showcase their expertise and credentials for board positions in front of senior company representatives.

Each participating company typically hosts a table at which 4 of their directors, senior executives and/or advisors were present. The remaining 6 seats are allocated to 5 accomplished and aspiring women directors and 1 facilitator. In a simulation of boardroom discussions, guests engaged in a structured exchange of views on some of the key issues facing boards today including risk management, executive compensation, succession planning and social media strategy over lunch.

30% Club 2016 Boardroom Lunch Participating Corporates & Sponsors