About the Programme

The objective of the Programme is to provide a unique platform to encourage and empower participants to aspire, grow and lead.

Sectors covered so far include Technology, Trading Floor & Hedge Funds, Luxury Brands, Logistics & Transport, Private Equity, Risk Management, Energy, Insurance, Hospitality, Real Estate and Investment Banking.

Under the mantra of Aspire, Grow and Lead, for each sector, we present a panel of outstanding female leaders who examine the root causes for the institutional and cultural barriers preventing women from advancing, and discuss corporate best practices for the retention and promotion of female talent. The audience comprises women executives from the field, HR professionals and female university students.

In addition, TWF is pursuing initiatives to build up the talent pipeline of women entering these male-dominated industries in Hong Kong including:

  • Sponsoring two scholarships for female university students pursuing a Masters Programme certified by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT)
  • Partnering with the Supply Chain Council in Hong Kong who donated a seat at their 3 day SCOR training session for one female applicant
  • Organising a field trip for a group of female university students to visit Havi Logistic’s Distribution Centre in Shatin to raise awareness of the opportunities available to women in the industry
  • Partnering with Microsoft to deliver a 3 day GirlSpark camp for 50 female university students in January 2014 and 2015
  • Sponsoring Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) scholarships at HKUST for female undergraduates

As research is the cornerstone of all our work, we also commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to produce a research paper drawing on Hong Kong-specific data to define the opportunities and challenges for women pursuing careers in the first four industries covered in the Series; Technology, Trading Floor and Hedge Funds, Luxury Brands and Logistics & Transport. We will be producing a comprehensive report covering all 12 sectors at the end of the Series which should be available at the endof 2015.

Leading Women Speaker Series

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