Steering Committee

Committed participants of the Mentoring Programme are invited to be further involved with the Programme for another year through the Steering Committee. For the 2017-2018 cycle of the Mentoring Programme, the 15-member Steering Committee (including Co-Chairs) are responsible for providing advice and guidance to The Women’s Foundation and our programme partners. 

2017- 2018 Steering Committee 

  • Claire Goodchild, Asia Head of Diversity and Inclusion | Morgan Stanley (co-chair)
  • Stephanie Loh, Principal, Private Equity | KKR Asia (co-chair)
  • Louise Moat, Managing Director | Nomura International (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Lesley-Anne Thadani, Managing Director | Interocean Associates
  • Jenny Chang, Partner, Greater China | Lippincott
  • Wendy Chan, National Director, Business Development | JLL
  • Margot Brent, Assistant Manager, Strategic Engagement | Li & Fung Limited
  • Maybelyne Ng, Senior Marketing Manager, Capital Markets and Investment Services | Colliers International
  • Deborah Ramalho, Events and Communications Specialist | Kirkland & Ellis
  • Catarina Mak, User Experience Strategist | Meyer Corporation
  • Sunny Davis, Associate Director | UBS
  • Natalie Cheung, Professional Development and Staffing | McKinsey and Company
  • Rina Hiranand, Strategy Director | Ogilvy and Mather
  • Siew-Fong Leung, Director of Business Development for Asia | Shearman & Sterling
  • Anne Copeland, Director | Copeland & Partners, Ltd.

We also owe a debt of gratitude to the following former Steering Committee members who helped shape the Programme in its formative years: 

  • Libby Armstrong
  • Annabel Arthur
  • Emily But
  • Feng-Min Chien
  • Celia Choy
  • Sannie Chung
  • Fiona Foxon
  • Serrie Fung
  • Hui Gao
  • Nancy Hong
  • Mary McHale
  • Susan Hutchison
  • Rita Ho
  • Ashley Lykins
  • Vera Lynn
  • Hayden Majajas
  • Alison Middleton
  • Gabriella Montandon
  • Palin Ngaotheppitak
  • Chariya Poopisit
  • Catherine Simmons
  • Suki Tiwana
  • Fran Thompson
  • Samantha Thompson
  • Ali Tse
  • Leonie Valentine
  • Emma Dale
  • Ingrid Child
  • Alice Yuen

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