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Since 2009, over 1000 women have participated in TWF’s highly acclaimed Mentoring Programme for Women Leaders. On joining the Programme, each participant will be asked to complete a Personal Pledge to record the commitments they are signing up to as an advocate for change to affect both institutional change and a change in their personal actions, in the context of TWF’s work on empowering girls and women in Hong Kong.

Throughout the year-long programme, participants benefit from personal and professional development through their one-on-one mentoring journey complemented by peer-to-peer learning, mentoring circles, inspirational talks, panel discussions, skills-enhancement workshops and networking events.

The ultimate goal of the Mentoring Programme is to develop inclusive leaders and build an ecosystem of gender advocates. 

It aims to help:

Mentors Protégés
  • Develop advanced leadership, coaching, and mentoring skills through mentors-only training
  • Be recognized as a leader within their organization and in the community
  • Build a strong and supportive network with women from a broad range of industries
  • Give back to the community in a meaningful way through supporting, younger women coming through the ranks
  • Expand leadership and business acumen skills through leadership development training and learn from highly successful women outside their direct sphere of activity
  • Enhance self-confidence and resilience
  • Build a strong and supportive network with women from a broad range of industries
  • Gain insights and guidance to better tackle issues or challenges in the workplace


Leadership Development Curriculum



At the core of the Mentoring Programme is the one-to-one cross-industry Mentoring Relationship, a hallmark of TWF’s Mentoring Programme. Supplementing the mentor/protégé pairing is a series of Peer to Peer mentoring activities, which facilitate the creation of a highly supportive network of women leaders. The Group Mentoring is the third strand of the mentoring programme where protégés and mentors share their challenges and expertise within a smaller group. Finally, the Inclusive Leadership Curriculum includes a series of Leadership Skills Workshops designed to enhance participants’ interpersonal and personal development. 

One-to-One Mentoring
Mentors and protégés are matched according to common goals, motivations, interests and professions. Each mentoring pair is responsible for managing their own meetings with the onus on protégés to drive the engagement. Mentoring pairs typically meet once a month throughout the Programme year. TWF provides ongoing support and guidance on appropriate discussion topics and effective communication to ensure both protégés and mentors maximise the benefits of their relationship. Participants are also encouraged to personalise their experience according to their individual objectives.

Peer to Peer Mentoring
In addition to their relationship with their mentor or protégé, participants will be given the chance to connect and engage with a wide network of women from different industries within the Mentoring Programme. Peer-learning, in the form of both formal and informal activities, allows participants to form both a robust professional network as well as long-lasting friendships. Such activities include: 

Peer Panels: The Peer Panels are a highly interactive component of the Mentoring Programme that explore a range of topics relating to professional / personal development, that are either not covered by the current curriculum or which could be usefully further explored. Organised by protégés and led by mentors, the Peer Panels allow protégés to develop their leadership skills and be more engaged in the Programme content.

Peer Mentoring: The focus of the Peer Mentoring Groups is for protégés and mentors to share and learn from each other in their respective groups. It offers a safe space for groups of either mentors or protégés to discuss their mentoring relationships, to understand how others are making these work and to learn from the challenges and successes of their peers. These smaller group sessions enable participants to get to know each other in a more relaxed environment.

Social Events: Participants also enjoy social and networking events that bring together Programme participants in relaxed and convivial settings.

Inspiring Talks and Panel Discussions: Participants are exposed to the wisdom, experience and inspiration of prominent business and civic leaders in Hong Kong. Outstanding past guest speakers who have addressed our mentoring and alumni cohort include Dr. Ron Brown, a leading expert and innovator in the fields of Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion and Organizational Change, and Founder and President of Banks Brown, and Natalie Reynolds, Founder and CEO of advantageSPRING, and author of “We Have a Deal”.

Group Mentoring
Group Mentoring is the third strand of the mentoring programme where protégés and mentors share their challenges and expertise in 10 groups of 10. Group Mentoring aims to provide a safe space to learn from each other and voice opinions openly, expand your network and learn from women in different roles and industries and to dive deeper into some of the Inclusive Leadership Curriculum topics. 

Inclusive Leadership Skills Sessions
TWF provides participants with the opportunity to participate in tailored workshops on topics such as executive presentation and communication skills, developing resilience,conflic management and purposeful leadership. Through these workshops, participants receive individualized and actionable feedback from industry experts, with the ultimate aim of developing their interpersonal and personal leadership skills.



Staying Connected

The Mentoring Programme’s Alumni Network allows participants from the Programme to stay connected and engaged with the ever-expanding network of inspiring, accomplished and mutually supportive women who have graduated from the Mentoring Programme.

Mentoring Programme for Women Leaders

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