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Natasha Ryan

Senior Manager, Pipeline Initiatives

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Natasha Ryan joined The Women’s Foundation in September 2023 as senior manager in the Pipeline Initiatives team, overseeing several programmes focusing on women’s representation in leadership roles in Hong Kong. Leading The Women Foundation’s gender, equity and inclusion working group among other initiatives, Natasha provides technical expertise on gender, social norms change and advocacy.

Natasha’s 10 years professional experience covering social justice and rights advocacy for women, children and marginalised groups spans international, regional and national levels, including with UNICEF, the European Commission and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Natasha has a deep understanding of the intersection between advancing social causes and the private sector, most recently having led the development of a platform introducing NGOs to blockchain technology. Previously, she advised a London-based business organisation on EU-citizens’ rights during the negotiations of UK’s exit from the EU.

She has also lectured in Public Law at Södertörn University in Stockholm, Sweden.