Employability Training Programme

About the Programme

The Employability Training Programme is an extension of our Financial Literary Programme. Participants who have completed TWF's Financial Literacy Programme are invited to join the Employability Training Programme where they receive coaching in pre-employment mental preparation, job search skills and work etiquette, and employment opportunities according to their individual needs and circumstances. The Employability Training Programme adopts a holistic, high touch and personalised approach to empowerment.  Together, the two programmes enhance not only the financial literacy skills of the marginalised women participants, but also their employability and life skills, with the ultimate aim of allowing them to achieve greater economic self-reliance.

Programme Curriculum

I.  Positive Mindset Training Workshop 

Content Outline:

Paths (Mindset) to Resilience & Optimal Functioning / Success

Mindset Change  

  • Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset
  • Gratitude 
  • What is LUCK?
  • From Pessimism to Optimism 
  • What is HOPE?  

Relaxation and Mindfulness 


II.  Pre-employment Training Workshop 

Content Outline:

Job-hunting  skills and channels

Resume writing

Interview preparation and practice

Workplace etiquette

Work attitude and ethnics

Time management and prioritisation 

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