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Désirée Fong

Senior Communications & Advocacy Officer

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Désirée is responsible for developing and implementing strategic communication plans and initiatives. She also focuses on research and advocacy, leveraging her extensive knowledge of gender equality to further support TWF’s mission.

Fluent in English, French, Spanish and Chinese, Désirée holds a Bachelor of Arts in French and Spanish from the University of Southampton, a Master of Science in Gender and International Relations, and a Master of Research in Security, Conflict and Human Rights from the University of Bristol. During her academic years, she worked with various disciplines on critical social issues, developing effective strategies for conflict resolution and social justice, and was recognised as one of the top 100 Future Females by Barclays UK Bank. 

Désirée is also the Director of Inclusion and Equity at The New Normal Charity, where she advises on strategies to promote equity and inclusion within the organisation and across its programmes and services, as well as supporting the charity's expansion to Hong Kong.

She is also the editor and digital creator for Frontline Feminists, an advocacy platform that amplifies sexual assault survivors' voices and experiences, fostering a supportive and open community.