TWF & ANZ Accelerator Programme for Women Entrepreneurs

The Women's Foundation and ANZ are delighted to launch a new Accelerator Programme for a select group of established and up-and-coming women entrepreneurs.

Over the course of 12 months starting from September 2015, the Accelerator Programme will provide particpants with access to advice and resources in the areas of finance, governance, marketing and technology, as well as the opportunity to expand local and global networks.

The Programme will include a combination of inspirational speaker events and practical training workshops, introducing participants to potential funders and other successful entrepreneurs and create peer-to-peer networking opportunities. Participants will also benefit from enhanced visibility and media profiling through the Programme which will have its own media and marketing campaign.

We are very grateful to ANZ's generous support for this programme. ANZ's Hong Kong based staff are also getting involved -- helping test and providing feedback to the entrepreneurs on their ideas, products and services. 

To view a profile of all our participants, please click on the image below: 

To access the Programme launch media release, please click here.

To access Bloomberg's interview with Mike Smith, CEO of ANZ, on the Accelerator Programme, please click here.


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