From this week onwards, UK companies with more than 250 employees will be required to collect and report detailed gender-segregated data on pay including bonuses. Employers must both publish their gender pay gap data and a written statement on their public-facing website and report their data to the government.
Congratulations to Carrie Lam who will become Hong Kong’s first female leader. At The Women’s Foundation, we hope this will be a spur for more women in public office, more women on boards and more women running companies in Hong Kong.
TWF applauds the SCMP for its courageous and definitive retraction of Mike Rowse’s extraordinary column on 'How Hong Kong women manage to dress so well in cold climes' and its apology for having published the piece in the first place.
At TWF, we know that everyday sexism continues to blight the lives of many women in Hong Kong. And this is even encouraged by the Cantonese language. At TWF, we decided to zero in on the way the Cantonese term 事業線 meaning career line is used interchangeably in everyday conversations and by the local tabloids and social media to refer to a woman’s cleavage and to ask if this is a harmless joke or indicative of more serious issues about how women are perceived and perceive themselves.