If you haven’t already read it – here is a link ( to the now infamous memo published over the weekend by an unnamed male Google engineer on one of the company's internal mailing lists criticising Google’s efforts to promote diversity and inclusion and the way the company’s “left bias has created a politically correct monoculture that maintains its hold by shaming dissenters into silence."
Last Sunday’s New York Times published a front page Sunday Review ( article on Why Women Aren’t CEOs – according to the women who almost were. 
After last week's revelations that male stars such as former Top Gear presenter Chris Evans are taking home more than £2m while the BBC’s highest-paid female star, Claudia Winkleman, received just £450,000 - £499,999, a large number of female presenters have written to the director general ( , Tony Hall, to demand the BBC act to correct the pay gap. 
Greetings from London where I attended last week’s Chatham House International Policy Forum on “Smart & Fair: Recognising Women’s Role in our Economic Future”. (